Best Acne Scar Treatments

Acne scaring is caused by cystic acne, also known as acne vulgaris. It’s annoying and frustrating. In today’s post, we’ll look at what acne is and what are some common treatments.

Acne vulgaris

It is one very prevalent skin disease that is normally found in areas with comedones-whiteheads and blackheads, nodules- large papules, seborrhea- scaly red skin, pustules- pimples and scarring. The face, back and upper part of the chest are always the most affected because they have the most number of sebaceous follicles It can reveal t itself in both inflammatory and non-inflammatory form especially if severe.

It mostly affect a population of as large as 80% of young people in their adolescence which may continue up to adulthood, and about 5% of older people. In adolescents, the increase in testosterone which brings about puberty is responsible for its cause.

iStock_000002002928XSmallTypes of acne scars

  • Inflammatory acne – it may result to permanent and significant scarring going by its location, severity and duration of the acne lesion.
  • Ice pick scars – the scars are deep and narrow giving them the appearance of holes or large pores in the skin.
  • Boxcar scars – they appear like large depressions in the human skin.
  • Rolling scars – they come about as a result of scar induced collagen remodeling which makes the skin looking rolling and uneven in appearance.
  • Keloid and Hypertrophic scars – are normally protruding and discolored parts (red or pink) and thicker if compared to normal scars, normally made of scar tissues.


Acne that persists for a long time may result to epidermal and dysplasiac dermal cells giving the skin hyper pigmented spots, uneven tone and some other skin irregularities.

Acne scar treatment

There are several ways of treating acne scars which vary from surgical to therapy or natural ways. You may consider applying any of them depending on the level of severity on your skin. But before buying make sure that the treatment method or the product addresses both the discomfort and pain the scar causes, and the look of that particular scar.

Also confirm that the acne scar treatment you want to use has little or no side effect upon using it.

Natural ways of treating acne scars include:

  • Using egg whites- they have proteins and amino acids which help in tightening the pores therefore preventing further breakouts and at the same time lightening the scarred skin. Its healing qualities enables your scares heal making them less noticeable.
  • Lemon juice-it contains glycolic acids, citric acid and lactic acid which cause increased skin thickness and production of collagen, which bring about fast healing for skin that is scarred. The natural acids act as good disinfectants destroying any bacteria that cause acne and an exfoliant that is natural removing dead skin cells and enabling a new and healthy skin formation. It also counters hyper pigmentation effects by lightening the skin tone.
  • Baking soda- when correctly applied it marshes up the dead skin without irritating or inflaming you facial skin.
  • Aloe Vera juice- it soothes inflamed system, boosts immune system and regenerates tissues that are damaged. With regular usage it prevents acne breakouts bringing about decreased swelling, softer skin and energizing cell growth leading to reduced acne scars and eventual disappearance.
  • Olive oil- it is rich in vitamins A, B1, C, D, E, B2, anti oxidants and anti inflammatory agent which prevents acne and gets rid of acne scars very effectively. Being a non comedogenic it dissolves oil and dirt trapped in the clogged pores. Other sources of acne scar treatment include the use of home remedies like honey, combined cucumber and tomatoes, garlic, cucumber juice or fresh paste, ice cubes and fruits. The medical acne scar treatment methods include:
  • Microdermabrasion- it is a technique that uses high pressure crystal floe to abrade the skin. It has the advantage of having low risk of complication, simple, quick and of minimal discomfort to the patients.
  • Surgical treatment- it is mostly applied in situations of extremely bad acne scarring. It is the best for treating the damage and the commonly used technique include cutting out of all damaged areas so as to allow for healthy tissues and cells re-growth.
  • Laser treatments- capable of being applied to both non ablative and ablative skin resurfacing and they treat all acne scarring conditions.
  • Chemical peels- it involves the use of different solutions to get rid of the outer skin layer, removing appearance and texture superficial irregularities of the skin. It is considered very efficient for people with uneven skin, minor wrinkles and abnormal pigmentation.
  • Pharmaceutical scar treatment- it includes a number of OTC and prescription treatments. They always come in different forms but mostly in cream form. Apart from having glycolic acid, they also contain salicylic acid. It contains same ingredient as glycolic acid but it’s mild but effective. It removes any debris or dead skin on your skin surface.

For those having problems with acne scars and want to get a much beautiful, smooth skin you need to try one of these. They are a sure treatment solution to your acne scarring.

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