Acne Treatment for Deep, Pitted Scars

Acne scars arises after the acne lesions are healed. The scars are mostly indented, pitted or pigmented and these marks remain even after the lesion has healed. These scars are a sign of permanently damaged skin tissue. The process of removing scars, esions and marks is called skin remodeling. Treating pitted scars have always been difficult. With the invention of more sophisticated and effective procedures, it has gained new levels of success. It is always advised to consult a reputed dermatologist for the treatment.

Here are some of the methods used pitted acne scars treatment:

  1. Dermabrasion: It involves removing the dead skin from the targeted areas and planting it on the top layer of the skin with the rotating wire brush. Resulting pitted scar’s depth would be reduced and the new layer would be scar and acne free.
  2. Subcutaneous Incision: In this process a needle is injected in the skin parallel to the targeted area which then dissects the bands of tissue from the skin that binds it to deeper structures. After the bands are released the skin lifts up and skin smoothens up.
  3. Laser Treatments: Laser treatments have been proven to be most effective but they are expensive too. The number of laser treatment sessions depends on severity of your scarring. They can cost around 1000 dollars per session. There are two forms of laser treatments. One is ablative and other is non-ablative. The ablative laser works by resurfacing outer layer after removing it first. Non-ablative lasers cause changes in the innermost layer of the skin without damaging the skin’s surface. After the treatment the skin generally appears reddish.
  4. Punch Grafting: In this process the skin graft are taken from the parts of the body which are usually not easily noticed. Then the skin is removed from the scarred area and replaced by the graft. This treatment is mostly effective in smaller areas. It only requires a local anesthetic and takes only a week to heal.
  5. Steroid Treatments: In this treatment the steroids are injected directly to the targeted tissue which in turns flattens the tissue, softens the scar and ultimately improves the overall appearance. Some corticosteriod creams and tapes(impregnated with steroid) are applied on the scar can also be used.
  6. Microdermabrasion: It is basically a cosmetic procedure performed in dermatologist’s office as well as at spas. In this a machine injects aluminium oxide crystals unto the skin which are simultaneously vacuumed. It requires several sessions and is works best on hyperpigmentation.
  7. Dermal fillers: In this process, the base of the scar is elevated by injected a filler substance into the targeted scar. This treatment is to be performed repeatedly in every 4-5 months as it is not permanent solution. The filler to be used depends from person to person and dermatologist could use the filler suitable to the patient. Some examples for dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid, collagen or fat from the patient’s body itself.

The scars could be severe, deep or they can be superficial and one should always consult a reputed dermatologist. Pitted scars can never be removed completely but could be reduced to a considerable amount. The desired result could be achieved with the right treatment or with the combination of the treatments.

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